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Gabor G. Gyukics poet, literary translator, member of the Belletrist Association of Hungary

Phone: 36-1- 420-0498,





Original Poetry:


- Utcai Elődás, in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 1998

- Last Smile, English-Hungarian, Cross Cultural Communications, New York, 1999, Preface by Hal Sirowitz

- A remete többes száma, in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 2002

- versKÉPzelet, poems and writings on art in Hungarian and 22 works by 20 contemporary fine artists, Hanga Publishing, Budapest, 2005

- Lepkék vitrinben, in Hungarian, Fekete Sas Publishing, Budapest, 2006




- Half-Naked Muse / Félmeztelen múzsa, Contemporary American Poetry Anthology in Hungarian, Budapest, Magyar Könyvklub Publishing 2000

- Swimming in the Ground, Contemporary Hungarian Poetry Anthology in English,  Neshui Publishing, St. Louis, USA, 2002 co-translator: Michael Castro

- Consciousness,  Attila József DVD English version, Petőfi Literary Museum, 2005 Budapest

- Gypsy Drill, collected poetry of Attila Balogh in English, Neshui Publishing, St. Louis, USA, 2006 co-translator: Michael Castro

- A Transparent Lion, Selected poetry of Attila József in English, Green Integer Publishing, LA, USA, 2006  co-translator: Michael Castro  

- Átkelés, Contemporary American Poetry in Hungarian, Nyitott Könyvműhely, 2007 Budapest

- Cornucopion, selected poetry of Ira Cohen in Hungarian, I.T.M and Új Mandátum Publishing, 2007 Budapest

- A szem önéletrajza, selected poetry of Paul Auster in Hungarian, Barruss Publishing, 2007 Budapest




- Sand Snail, English language poetry;  Frogpond Productions, New York, 2000. Music: Mark Deutsch.




The Afterlife of a Book; the poetry of Gábor G. Gyukics with the eyes of contemporary fine artists, 15 poems –19 artists – 21 artworks, Mucius Gallery, Budapest April 11- May 12 2005




Látó literary magazine American issue; guest editor, translator




- Hungarian - American English Dictionary, Kolor Optika Bt., Budapest, 1999.

- New Hungarian - American English Dictionary, Kolor Optika Bt., Budapest, 2002



Translations from English to Hungarian:


            - Radnóti Theatre, Budapest, 1994.: Steven Berkoff:  Greek, play

            - Kalligram literary magazine, Bratislava - Budapest, 1994/7-8: Steven Berkoff: Decandence, a play; January-February 2005.: Steven Berkoff: Greek, a play, September-October 2006: 3 poems by Ira Cohen, October 2007: 2 poems by Curtis K. Lyle, December 2008 3 poems by N. Scott Momaday

            - Polisz literary magazine, Budapest, October 1996.: 1 poem by George Tsongas, May 2005.: poems by Steve Dalachinsky and Michael Castro, February 2006: 2 poems by Carter Revard, July-August  3 poems by Ira Cohen, February 2008: 3 poems by Simon J. Ortiz

            - Észak Magyarország, daily paper, Miskolc, July 1997.: 3 poems by Anselm Hollo

            - Cigányfúró literary magazine, Budapest, June 1997.: poems by Julian Beck, Sparrow, Hal Sirowitz and Anselm Hollo; August 1997: poems by Jack Kerouac and Hal Sirowitz

            - 2000 literary magazine,  Budapest, November 1997.: a short story by Alejandro Murgia; July-August 2001.: 6 poems by Walt Whitman; May 2003.: 3 poems by Jusef Komunyakaa; July-August 2003.: 4 poems by Galway Kinnel, November-December 2003.: 3 poems by Carter Revard; June 2004.: 2 poems by Bob Kaufman, October 2004.: a short story by André Aciman, January 2005: a short story by Charles Bukowski, July-August 2005: an essay by Andrei Codrescu, April 2007: a poem by Ira Cohen, April 2008: a poem by Wanda Coleman, May 2008: 2 poems by Charles Bukowski

            - C3. Central European University, Budapest, 1997: lyrics of Matthew Barney’s  video opera Cremaster V

            - Nagyvilág literary magazine,  Budapest, November-December 1998: a short story by Paul Auster; September 2000.: 3 poems by Walt Whitman; April 2001: 3 poems by Louise Glück, 3 poems by Stanley Kunitz; October 2001.: 2 poems by Gregory Corso; February 2002.: poems by Amiri Baraka, Robert Creely and Robert Duncan; March 2002.: poems by Robert Hass, Mary Oliver, Sharon Olds and Robert Pinsky; April 2002.: 4 poems by Hal Sirowitz, July 2004.: poems by Alica Walker and Quincy Troupe, October 2005.: poems by Bob Kaufman and Carter Revard, December 2006: poems by Alica Walker and Quincy Troupe, May 2007: poems by Paul Auster, July 2008 poems by Anita Endrezze and A. Sandongei

            - Lettre Internationale literary magazine,  Budapest, 1998/30: 1 poem by Kenneth Rexroth

            - Az Irodalom Visszavág literary magazine,  Budapest, spring 1999: poems by Michael Castro, Sophie Crawford and Aleka Chase  

            - Ex Symposion literary magazine,  Veszprém, 1999/25: 2 poems by Charles Bukowski

            - Criticai Lapok theatre magazine, Budapest, 1999/7-8: Steven Berkoff:  Kvetch, a play

            - Pad literary magazine,  Cegléd, 1999/1: 2 poems by Jack Hirschman

            - Látó literary magazine,  Tirgu-Mures, Romania, 1999/11: 2 short stories by Ira Cohen, 2 poems by Allan Grabaud; 2001/10: 6 poems by Gregory Corso, 1 poem by Ira Cohen; 2002/6: 1 essay by André Aciman, 2006/5: poems by Will Alexander, John Ashbery, Ira Cohen, Rita Dove, Philip Lamantia, Mary Oliver, Wanda Phipps and Carter Revard, 2008/12: 3 poems Simon J. Ortiz

            - Balkon, a magazine on art Budapest, 1999/3-4: 1 poem by Ira Cohen

                        - Nap Út literary magazine,  Budapest, 2000/3: poems by Charles Simic and Stanley Kunitz, 2001/3: poems by A. F. Calediero

            - Helikon literary magazine,  Cluj-Napoca, Romania, September 2000: 32 poems by 8 American poets

            - Új Holnap literary magazine,  Miskolc, winter 2000: 1 poem by Ira Cohen

            - Parnasszus literary magazine,  Budapest, summer 2001: 3 poems by Jusef Komunyakaa; summer 2005. 1 poem by Ira Cohen

            - Könyvhét, a magazine on books Budapest, July 2001: 1 poem by Ira Cohen

            - Vár Ucca Műhely literary magazine,  Veszprém, 2001/2-3 5 poems by Charles Bukowski,  2005/2 1 poem by Michael Castro, 2005/5 2 poems by Charles Bukowski

            - Műhely literary magazine,  Győr, 2002/2: 2 poems by Robert Hass, Charles Wright and Robert Bly, excerpt from Speak Memory by Vladimir Nabokov, October 2005.: 1 poem by Quincy Troupe

            - Gárdonyi Géza Theatre, Eger, 2004.: Steven Berkoff:  Kvetch, play

            - Palócföld literary magazine,  Salgótarján, August 2004. 2 poems by Michael Castro

            - Szegedi Egyetem, University of Szeged, October 2004: 3 poems by Ira Cohen, October 2005 3 poems by Carter Revard, April 2007 2 poems by Wanda Coleman

            - Székelyföld literary magazine, Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania, January 2005 poems by Stephen Dunn and Philip Levine

- Nők Lapja, a magazine for women, Budapest, December 21 2005, excerpt from a short story   by Paul Auster

            - Hans Blumenberg, Hajótörés nézővel, ed. András Czeglédi, 2006, a poem by Abraham Cowley

            - Ártér literary magazine, Budapest winter 2006, 1 poem by Ira Cohen

            - A poézis elvén – Das poetische Prinzip – The Poetic Principle, an anthology, Mind Print Budapest, 2006 3 poems by Chris Brown

            - Translations of the Year anthology, Magyar Napló Press  2007, Budapest, 1 poem by Ira Cohen; 2008, 1 poem by Paul Auster

            - Árgus literary magazine, 2007/2, Székesfehérvár, 2 poems by Ira Cohen

            - Irodalmi Jelen literary magazine,  Cluj-Napoca, Romania, September 2007 13 poems by Paul Auster, IJ online version: 2 poems by Carter Revard

                        - Puskin Utca literary magazine, 2009/5-6, Budapest, 3 poems by Neeli Cherkovski


Translations form Hungarian to English


- North West Literary Forum, Washington, January 1993: 1 poem by György Petri

- East and West Literary Quarterly, California, summer 1993: 1 poem by Mihály Ladányi

- the big spoon, Northern Ireland, spring 1995.: poems by Katalin Ladik and György Petri

- Exquisite Corpse, Louisana, 1996/57: 2 poems by László Nagy

- Visions International, Virginia, 1996/52: 2 poems by László Garaczi; 1997/57: 1 poem by László Darvasi; 1999/60: 1 poem by Ákos Fodor

- River Styx,  Missouri, 1997/47: poems by Katalin Ladik, Mihály Ladányi, Rezső Keszthelyi, János Pilinszky and Zsófia Balla

- Cover, New York, October 1996: 1 poem by Lajos Parti Nagy

- Osiris, Massachusetts, 1998/45: 2 poems by Rezső Keszthelyi

- Paintbrush, Missouri, 1998. autumn: poems by Irén Kiss and Krisztina Tóth

- Nexus, Ohio, 1999/34-2: 1 poem by András Petőcz

- Pambruck, North Carolina, 1999/31: 55 poems by 20 Hungarian poets

- Natural Bridge, Missouri, spring 1999: 10 poems by 9 Hungarian poets, fall 2003: 2 poems by Attila József, spring 2006: 4 poems by Attila Balogh, 2006 Special Edition: 1 poem by György Petri

- Nappali Ház’s Frankfurt issue, 1999: poems by Lajos Parti Nagy, Krisztina Tóth and János Térey

- Cross Path Culture, online magazine, 2000/2: poems by István Kemény, György Petri, Katalin Ladik and Krisztina Tóth

- Exquisite Corpse, online magazine, 2001/9: poems by Dezső Tandori, Lajos Parti Nagy, Endre Kukorelly, György Petri, Krisztina Tóth, 2004/9: 6 poems by Attila József

- Oxford University Press, New York, Gods and Mortals; Anthology of Greek Myth, 2001: 1 poem by Sándor Weöres

- Bitter Oleander,  New York, October 2001.: poems by Balázs Simon and Krisztián Peer

- Unlikely Stories, online magazine, December 2001.: poems by László Bertók, János Marno, Imre Oravecz and Ottó Orbán

- Apalachee Review, Florida, 2001/50: poems by Károly Bari, Ferenc Hajdu and Sándor Tatár

- Milk, online magazine, 2001/3: 11 poems by Attila József, 2004/5 3 poems by János Pilinszky, Vol. 8. 8 poems by Attila Balogh

- Rattapallax, New York, 2003/10 autumn: 1 poem by Katalin Ladik

- Public spaces of modern architecture in Budapest, Exhibition catalogue / [ed. by Zsófia Németh]; [publ. by] Ernst Museum, Budapest 2003

-, HLO online magazine, 2004. poems by Dezső Tandori and György Petri, a short story by Sándor Márai

- In Quest of the Miracle Stag, The Poetry of Hungary Vol. II. Chicago 2003: 3 poems by János Lackfi

- A Fine Line, New Poetry from Eastern and Central Europe, Arc Publications, England 2004, 3 poems by János Térey

- Hide and Seek, Contemporary Hungarian Literature, JAK, Budapest 2004, 1 poem by János Térey

- Poetry on the Metro, Budapest, 2005, 12 poems by Attila József

- A Golem Story May Be? an art book by Levente Thury ceramic artist, Ráday Könyvesház Publishing, Budapest 2005 (translation of several entries)

- Gypsy tales, songs, legends, ballads collected by Károly Bari (18 CDs) (2002-2007)

- Blatt, Praha, Czech Republic, 2006 / 1, 1 poem by Krisztina Tóth, 2007/1, 1 poem by Levente Kiraly

- To Topos, Poetry International, Oregon State U., Winter 2006: poems by Zsófia Balla, Attila Balogh, László Garaczi, Péter Kántor, Attila Nyilas

-Talking Objects: The Relics of the Petőfi Family, Petőfi Literary Museum Budapest 2006, 2 studies by Rita Ratzky and Zsuzsa Kalla

- Budapest Slam 2 DVD, 2007, Műcsarnok/Küntshalle