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2008. 06. 18 19:17
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 Translation Review

University of Texas at Dallas

Call for manuscripts!!!
The editors of Translation Review plan to expand the scope of the journal.

Starting immediately we will accept translations of original works that are accompanied by a substantive comment by the translator. Comments should focus on the reconstruction of the translation process with specific reference to choices that translators made for the preparation of their final drafts. We are particularly interested in discussions of how translators succeeded in finding solutions for problems where there are no direct correspondences between cultures.

We will consider manuscripts that deal with poetry, short fiction, essays, and excerpts from plays.

Please send a hard copy of the manuscript, together with the work on diskette in Word format. If you have any questions about the nature of this expansion, please contact Rainer Schulte, Editor schulte@utdallas.edu.

Looking for reviewers!!
The editors of Translation Review would like to expand the section on reviewing translations. We are looking for reviewers of individual book translations. In addition, we would like to feature columns on some of the major book translations that have been published in a particular year.

We would like very much to include reviews of translations from lesser-known languages. Any suggestions should be forwarded to the editor. schulte@utdallas.edu

Submissions for articles or reviews are also welcomed and accepted in Word 97 format, on disk. Submissions may be sent to:

Editor, Translation Review
c/o University of Texas at Dallas
P.O. Box 830688
Richardson, TX 75083-0688


Translation Review Index

Started in 1978, Translation Review is published three times a year. The Review is unique in the English-speaking world. While many literary journals publish translations of the works of international authors in English translation, Translation Review focuses on the theoretical and critical aspects of transplanting a literary text from one culture into another. The pages of Translation Review present in-depth interviews with translators; articles that deal with the evaluation of existing translations; profiles on small, commercial and university publishers of foreign literature in translation; comparative studies of multiple translations into English of the same work; investigations of methodologies to develop translation workshops and courses in literary translations; and information concerning ongoing research in translation studies in the United States and abroad.

Through Translation Review, translators have a forum to talk about the reconstruction of the translation process to give readers a sense of the tremendous difficulties involved in transplanting a text from a foreign culture into English. Many considerations that illuminate the many ways languages interpret the world. Thus, the practice of translation can also be considered an important methodological tool to initiate and promote interdisciplinary thinking. Translation Review serves as a major critical and scholarly journal to facilitate cross-cultural communication through the refined art and craft of literary translations.

Translators and scholars who are interested in contributing to Translation Review should contact the editor, Rainer Schulte. We are looking for articles and essays that deal with the reconstruction of the translation process. We are particularly interested in thoughtful reviews of significant new translations into English. Furthermore, we would like to expand studies that deal with the anthropological and cultural aspects of translation. Articles focusing on the practical implications of translation for the teaching of literature and the humanities are of particular interest to the editors.

Rainer Schulte
Center for Translation Studies
UTD - MC 35
P.O. Box 830688
Richardson, TX 75083-0688
Tel: (972) 883-2092
Fax: (972) 883-6303


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